Choosing a Rehab for Your Spouse in San Clemente

Addiction is something that more than 20 million Americans suffered from during 2014, according to NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health). Addiction affects relationships, physical and emotional health, and work production. It may even create possible legal and criminal problems. It turns out to be a constant strain on families and spouses. That’s why a San Clemente Drug Rehab center is very important

A spouse will often excuse the erratic and unreliable behavior of their partner due to drug addiction that enables the condition in the first place. What you’ll find them doing is to call the boss and tell them the partner is sick when they are in fact facing a hangover from taking a high dose the night before. The spouse is only enabling the unacceptable behavior. By cleaning up your partner’s mess and not allow them to fully experience the result of their actions will allow the addiction to even more and prolong as well as delay recovery.

The problem with enabling one’s spouse is that it can lead to codependency and end up in a negative pattern of behavior. Rather than enabling their partner, a spouse needs to set out clear-cut boundaries and stick to these.

The best way to get things going in a positive direction is to have an honest and direct conversation with your spouse regarding the impact of the addiction.

One needs to remain calm, be empathetic, avoid becoming judgmental and attacking the person with the addiction problem.

Engage in an open conversation and stress the importance of getting help.

Be sure you have this talk when they are not drunk or high and more receptive. It may mean you have to get involved in numerous small conversations to get through to them about the disrupting effect addiction has on your relationship.

Some of the common roadblocks you may encounter are denial and defensiveness. Therefore, it will be helpful to tread with ease but firmly in some cases.

Professionals will help with the process, either through advice and direction or structured intervention. Once there is a history of self-harm, violence, multiple substances, or mental illness, it is advisable to have a trained professional on board such as a reputed drug rehab facility in San Clemente.

The primary purpose is to assist the spouse who battles addiction to agree into entering a rehab program.

How to Choose a Trusted Rehab Program

There are more than 14,000 facilities in the U.S alone that specialize in treating addictions. You will find different kinds of treatment options to make your selection from that range from inpatient rehab to detox to outpatient care.

Addiction is regarded as an individual disease. Therefore, the level of care would differ from person to person.

Someone who is dependent on alcohol or drugs will in all likelihood benefit from a medical detox program that is followed by an inpatient rehab program.

If you have a person who is less dependent on drugs or alcohol and has certain family obligations they need to attend to, then they would benefit from an outpatient rehab program due to the flexibility it offers.

There are numerous available resources to find a rehab program. One example is SAMHSA that offers a behavioral health services locator tool on the website to help individuals find mental health and addiction treatment services in their local area. Community outreach programs, primary care providers, and mental health professional may also assist with referrals.

Once you have narrowed the field, there are certain things you need to take a look at when searching for rehab for your spouse, such as:

  • Kind of services offered: Variable treatment options are on offer by different facilities. You need to find out if they provide the types of services are necessary to ensure recovery.
  • Geo Location: You want a rehab facility that is within proximity of your home to make visiting accessible.
  • Licensing, certification, or accreditation: Every state has specific requirements for a rehab facility to provide drug addiction treatment services. It is crucial to ensure the center is up to date and compliant.
  • Complementary care options and amenities: Rehab facilities tend to vary regarding the types of amenities they provide. Some of these will offer spa services, private rooms, and gym equipment.
  • Payment options: Check with your insurance company whether they cover specific services provided by the treatment facility.

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